How to do pink and purple splatters :)


Splatter is one of my favorite nail art designs. I use to make fun of it because it’s enjoying to do. The normal way of doing it is sprinkling polish on your nails. But if you don’t want to do it the messy way, you have other option and I will show you how.

Follow below simple steps:

1. Put on your base coat to protect your nails.

2. Paint your nails white. Starting with a white base allows other colors to show.

3. Apply your first color (pink). Draw dots on size variations. Do it for the rest of your nails. Let them dry before moving to the next step.

4. Grab the second color (purple).  Do the same as step 3 but make sure you draw some of the dots above the the first colors. Wait for them to dry before moving to the next step.

5. Last color is light pink. Apply the same for the rest of the nails.

6. Finish off with a top coat.  Wait first until your nails are completely dry so the design will not be ruined. Then paint top coat over the whole design to make it shiny and long lasting.

Wait until everything dries. You now have your purple and splitters. Enjoy. 🙂

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Purplepink craze nail art :)



Start your day with a cute purple and pink nail art. Wanna know how? It’s very easy! Just follow below simple steps:

1. Step 1 is always the most important. Put on the base coat for protecting your nails.

2. Paint your nails pink. Leave the ring finger nails. Wait for the polish to dry before moving to the next step.

3. Apply white polish on your ring finger nails. Wait for the polish to dry.

4. Put some small pink dots on the white polish.

5. Draw a pink heart next to the pink dots.  (You can also draw a star, a flower or any shape you love).

6. Finish off with a top coat. Wait first until your nails are completely dry so the design will not be ruined. Then paint top coat over the whole design to make it shiny and long lasting.

Wait until everything dries. Enjoy your purplepink craze 🙂

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How to do Strawberry Nail art :)


Strawberry nail art is one of my favorite designs. It’s pretty easy to do, doesn’t require talents at all. All you have to do is “like what you do”. I’ll give you some tips on how to do strawberry nail art.

1. Put on a base coat to protect your nails. This will also help your nail polish to stay longer. Wait for the polish to dry before doing the next step.

2. Paint your nails red.  Use a strawberry red color. Others prefer pink or orange for unripe strawberries but red is the best option. anyways, depend on your style how you want your polish to be. Wait for the polish to dry before moving on to the next step.

3. Paint the strawberry leaves white first. Paint the outline of the leaves by drawing 4 to 5 small triangles. Fill in the triangles with white polish. The reason why you have to paint the leaves white first is to make the green be highlighted.

4. Paint the leaves green. Trace the white polish and put green on top of it. Then fill them in.

5. Paint the seeds. Use a yellow polish and draw some small dots. (You can also use white if you don’t have yellow. Preferably,, you can also draw some tiny lines apart from small dots. )

6. Finish off with a top coat. Wait until your nails are completely dry so the design will not be ruined. Then paint top coat over the whole design to make it shiny and long lasting.

And there you go! You now have your strawberry nails. Pls don’t forget to leave your comments.



7 Essential Nail Colors :)


If you’re the type to get bored with your nail color easily, there are 7 must-have nail colors that beauty experts are recommending. If you’re ready for some new ones, the following are of quality ingredients and they will definitely make you stand out this year.


1. Silver Hue


Although many people don’t consider silver, it is a fantastic color to put on your nails during any season. It’s especially popular during fall and winter being that it ties in best with a black outfit or a cool based outfit. If your clothing has a brown or gold base to it then the silver will clash with it. Stick to cool colors or black and your nails will look perfect.


2. Black Hue


Black is one of those colors that you cannot go wrong with. Some people tend to think that it is too harsh or to gothic; this is farthest from the truth. Although it isn’t for everyone it’s something that can look extremely sophisticated and fashion forward when it is worn during the cold seasons and when it is paired up with the right outfit. This is a versatile color which can make your hands appear more petite and feminine.


3. Bronze Hue


Bronze is a fantastic color to try during the summer time. It can make your hands appear more bronzed. When it is a color that has a metallic pigmentation to it or you add a metallic top coat, it looks superb. Experiment with this color and pair it with an outfit that consists of a lot of white to make your skin look bronzed as well.


4. Cool Blue Hue


An ice blue is an amazing color to wear because it is both chic and versatile. If you’ve never tried this look out, it is actually very complimentary. You don’t have to reach for a royal blue, you can go for a lighter color in order to have something that is easier to wear and isn’t overly bold.


5. Nude Hue


Nude is an extremely convenient and versatile color. It will match anything in your closet and you can wear it during any season. This is easy to touch up and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance on your part. Wearing nude actually makes your nails appear cleaner and longer than they are. You can even go for a nude pink which is great to wear during the spring and summer time when your hands look a bit more bronzed. The more layers you apply, the better it looks.


6. Gray Hue


Wearing gray requires a certain way of applying it to your nails. Gray is the new color to try because it’s just as versatile as nude is. You will have to be careful of the type of shade you pick up because you don’t want it to look too washed out. If you find a gray that has a purple base to it, it’s very complimentary. Make sure that the finish is shiny and not matte.


7. Bright Pink


Although a neon pink color isn’t always fitting for an occasion, it’s a fun and popular color during the summertime. You are not going to need many accessories because this is a color that speaks for itself. It is vibrant and young. Pink isn’t for every woman but it’s definitely a knockout when you pair it with the right outfit and a nice tan.


I wanna see what you guys think about this. Pls post your comments. Thanks.






Pink and Black Poker Nails :)

Pink and Black Poker Nails :)

My very own poker nails design. I was really planning of just putting pink and black design but i came up to this design and I dunno why. But it came up pretty fine. I want to repeat this design but different color variations. You can try them too and experiment on colors. I wanna see what you guys think about this. Pls post your comments. Thanks.


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Easy leopard print nails for beginners!

Easy leopard print nails for beginners!

This is my very first blog here. Hope you guys will be my avid reader. By the way, this photo here is my version of leopard nail art design. I made it pink because pink is one of my most favorite color. I call it the happy color. 🙂

Anyway, I will tell you how to do this pink leopard nail art design. At present I couldn’t show you the step by step photos because this is my first blog and I just thought to use this photo but I will show them on my next blogs don’t worry. Leopard print nails is very easy to make. Here’s how:

1. Make sure nails are all clean. Apply base coat. Let the nails dry for few minutes. (You can use hair blower if you really wanna make them dry fast) I call this “my lazy trick” 😛

2. Apply your base color (pink). Dry.

3. Draw couple of black curve lines. This is where you will insert white spots. (Don’t bother yourself about being perfect. In the wild patterns aren’t perfect. Let them dry a bit.

4. Put those white spots just next to the black curves you recently made. Make sure black are totally dry so they will not accidentally mix with the white. Once done with the white spots, dry for about few minutes.

5. Last step, apply the top coat and dry.

And tadah! You now have your very first leopard print nails. 🙂

Thanks for reading guys. Pls leave your comments. mwa! :*


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